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Ready Made 2011 Calendar Templates to be used within PhotoShop or Elements


Basic Principles
Now you have 2011 calendar templates available for Photoshop or Elements : more than 50 different templates. You get separate months (4 separate sets of 12 month ) or the full 2011 year (6 different templates for portrait or landscape 4x3, 3x4, 6x2, 4x2x2x4), including templates with weeks starting on Monday. These templates come as .psd files ready to be used inside Photoshop or Elements. One of the month template also contains moon phases over the year.

With these templates, you will create your very own 2011 calendar with your own images. You can change the size, font size color or style and always keep the top type quality. Insert Images, ghost images inside, put frames around... You can resize and print at any size your heart desires!

Works great with Photoshop styles. In a snap you will be ready for the year 2011 with your very own calendar.